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Emirates Japan Marketing Council have many satisfied customers to name a few:


EJMC has been instrumental in continuously delivering opportunities, fine tuning our trade missions to Japan and nurturing relationships with our Japanese partners, advising and bringing us more value every step of the way. EJMC have Fulfilled its promises and we value this partnerships.



Emirates Japan Marketing Council operates on an annual membership basis from which several categories can be selected based on organization size and the desired level of engagement.


Our dedicated Members Portal on our website will provide you access to News, Business and Investment Opportunities.


1. Expand Your Business Reach


Whether you're interested in a product or a service, looking for partners or investors, engage in R&D and Applied Research or looking for the next Joint Venture opportunity, EJMC can Advise and Help you to navigate your way to success quickly.


With EJMC you instantly bridge the gap, extend your professional resources, reduce your efforts, costs and time to achieve your business objectives.

2. Active Exposure & Promotion

As a member your our primary focus, we actively promote your business and objectives and seek to drive more interest from your target Markets.


Other initiatives such as networking events, workshops, conferences and industry outreach programs, will allow members extended exposure and participation in the form of the speaker, sponsor or by being part of subject matter in the event activity, sharing and promoting your progress, achievements and your products and services to a broader audience.

We are the constant that drives your business forward.

4. Driving SME & Innovation Development Opportunities

We aim to contribute to building a Knowledge-Based Economy based on SME’s and Innovation.


EJMC launched DIGITAL AGE (DA) NEXT BIG THING or DNBT,  to support Small and Medium Enterprise and Innovation by shedding light on the latest applied research, trends in technology and advancements in science, allowing Thinkers, Inventors, Innovators, SME’s, Industry, regulators and Investors to engage in meaningful discussions to drive and develop the next generation industry, while allowing SME’s to lead the way for growth.

Learn more

5. Expand Your Business Reach

We are based in UAE and JAPAN; We are always available; We are always informed and updated on essential matters.


With EJMC, If you're in UAE or JAPAN, you will always be connected, informed, briefed and updated; you will always meet new interesting people, potential partners or investors.


3. Knowledge-Based Community

Basic useful and practical, informative and topical seminars and will help you maximize your knowledge and maximize your potential in UAE & JAPAN's market. Our communications program includes a guest speaker events, Workshops, website, social media and an annual membership directory.​

6. Professional Services 


EJMC extends its Professional Services with special rates only for members of the council.



  1. Market Research.

  2. Management Consultancy.

  3. Due Diligence Services.

  4. Auditing Services.

  5. Mediation Services.

  6. Legal Services. 

  7. Offsets Negotiations.


If interested to know more about our Professional Services, give us a call or send us an email to book an appointment.

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