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IoT's needs, classification & direction!

The IoT achronom is being used in vain in recent years with blurred lines around what the term means what industry expects.

While IoT Revolution exploded over the last few years with sensors, boards and gadgets, UAV's, water your plants remotely, monitor your home or kids, get feedback from your products based on consumer usage, connect and automate a plant among other applications, this is all IoT's, but some or most are aimlessly shooting to the stars, without being mindful of resources, effectiveness and usefulness. we believe IoT requires a science behind such infant industry.

For example, Industry 4.0 efficiency depends on Internet Of Things its almost one cannot exist without the other, while Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, automation and human capital are other important factors in the Industry 4.0 success. currently major industry players are developing their own IoT's through OEM's & ODM's while 3rd parties are aiming to please. taking a step back to realign what needs to be developed to serve a specific vital applications required by the industry, what I am saying is specializing in developing highly competitive products for what I would like to call Specialized Optimal Functionality, has always proven to be a successful model for success or if worst comes to worst exist strategy. Innovation is good, but innovation without a code, strategy and standards produces short life gadgets not products?, let us know what your think.


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