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We focus on delivering unique and continuous structured opportunities for every sector of focus, its all about continuity, bringing added value services and opportunities again and again with a sustained plan towards a bigger picture.

Solve root causes and help you sort them, we look at your mission and help you achieve it, we bring you partners through synergy and expand your reach through relationships, partnerships, and investments, we can accomplish all of that because we believe in our Members.





EJMC Advisory & Consultancy Services provides our members with a competitive advantage to expand their experience, know-how, knowledge and professional resources instantly and when they need it the most.


Whether you're venturing into a new partnership, looking to acquire a company or expand your market share, we can help you achieve those goals in UAE or Japan.  


We also provide information on the laws and regulations as they change, on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and support to explore investment opportunities within the UAE Market or Japan.


Instantly extend your Business Development team by outsourcing to EJMC, our teams in UAE or Japan will approach, negotiate, report and make the necessary arrangements.

We aim to deliver unique and continuous structured opportunities with a sustained plan towards a bigger picture.

We look at your mission and help you achieve it, we bring you partners through synergy and expand your reach through relationships, partnerships, and investments, we can achieve all of that because we believe in our EJMC Members.



Our team is always in the outlook for new unique investment opportunities, We believe in bilateral investments and the development of Small & Medium Enterprise (SME), we seek, develop and share Investment Opportunities and share them with interested Members.


We have many interesting investment opportunities, in Hi-Tech Sector including technology, materials, vision, robotics, medical, entertainment, education, Artifical Intelligence, Security and more.   


If you are a member, request an appointment to learn more.






A vital service provided by EJMC to its new members in both UAE and Japan Chapters, obtaining our Representation Services we will be able to represent you, sponsor you, help you accelerate your business setup, have all your legal documents in order and register all of your commercial licenses and provide you full administration services. 


Besides, EJMC facilitates and organizes meetings bridging B2B or B2G sectors as needed, EJMC coordinates visits and the necessary access and clearances required, briefs on business protocols and more to help you reach your goals quickly and professionally.

Bringing convieniance and confidence to a complicated process, through our professional services internally or through our Professional Network Partners, we can assist our members with many  vital steps to conclude their business,  services such as:

  1. Market Research.

  2. Management Consultancy.

  3. Due Diligence Services.

  4. Auditing Services.

  5. Mediation Services.

  6. Legal Services.

  7. Offsets Negotiations.

If interested to know more make an appointment below.

EJMC manages the best delegation visits with logistical support to UAE or Japan; we design a fully tailored business experience based on members budget and time-frame with business and governmental entities, we think of everything from agenda, transport, accommodation, meeting locations, food and entertainment, culture and more.


EJMC Educational initiatives stem from the belief that with knowledge and know-how, humanity can evolve into a stronger international community. If we can build more appreciation for science and the people behind the scientific community, we can foster a generation of intellects and innovators. EJMC is actively delivering solutions to bridge education and culture.


EJMC CSR initiatives allow our members to participate and give back to society and educational communities through exciting, innovative programs, in association with EJMC Affiliates.


EJMC Events are a great platform to introduce new members and products to industry leaders, potential investors, and partners.


Fast-Track and announce your presence, business intentions and advance your network, EJMC will manage all the PR, Media Coverage, Manage Invite's and VIP delegations as needed and agreed to commemorate these events.


EJMC continually organizes workshops, conferences, exhibitions, inauguration ceremonies, activations and cultural experiences directly, through members or affiliate network partners.

Learn More About Our Events.



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